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Brazil, Rio De Janeiro

I've been to Rio five times and there is always something new to see. It's as modern as it is urban. The renowned favelas (slums) of Rio are colorful and inviting in their own unique way,

Rio's majestic topography consists of mountains, hills, ocean, bay and lagoon.
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Brazil, Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo isn't just the largest city in Brazil, it's the 4th largest in the world. It's a diverse and sprawling metropolis, yet, the spirit and culture of Brazilian life is evident.

Brazil, Salvador

Salvador is known for the area called Pelourinho, the historic heart of the city with Portuguese colonial architecture, cobblestone streets and many churches, Salvador is also steeped in colorful Afro-Brazilian culture and history as one of the most important ports in the country.


Brazil, Brasilia

Brasília is a planned city, and in 1960 thought to be a utopian dream as the country's federal district, where government employees could work and live. The federal buildings are distinguished by their modern, minimalist designs of Oscar Neimeyer with wide open parks around them.

Brazil, Fortaleza

Located near the top of the country, Fortaleza is a large and growing city. While high rises ring the shoreline, the ocean is filled with flat bottom boats with fishermen out for their daily catch.
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Brazil, Southern Region

In the south of Brazil lies Florinopolis, a vacation spot for Brazilians and the fast growing Balneario Camboriu with newer and more modern high rises than Rio de Janeiro. However, both cities offer a more relaxed atmosphere than the larger cities further north.



Cuba is a land that time forgot, mainly due to the 60- year-old US embargo. While in Havana take a ride in a well kept 50's car, the last cars Cubans were able to import from America. Walk along the cobble stone streets and take in the simple, daily life of the Cuban people.
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What can I say about Paris that hasn't already been said by so many? The beauty and magnificence of Paris is unmatched. From the old world charm of the Montemarte to the bustling city streets filled with quaint cafes to the super efficient Metro or people watch in one of the cities many parks.
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Quebec City

Old Quebec City is like landing in a small French town miles from the hustle of Paris.. It's not just because the native language is French it's also the French- style architecture, cobblestone streets, quiet cafes and small shops.

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Venice, Italy

There is no where like Venice, Italy in its old world charm with centuries old buildings as you walk on cobble stone streets and along the canals filled with motor boats and gondolas.
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Rome & Florence

Both cities are steeped in European history and old world charm.
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Cinque Terra & Portofino, Italy

Cinque Terra consists of five seaside fishing villages, offering a glimpse into a simple, uncomplicated Italian life. Portofino, a famous port for expensive yachts and tourists seeking a unique and quiet Italian experience.

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San Francisco, CA, USA

One of my favorite cities in the world. I can always find something new to photograph or find a new angle on known landmarks,
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Northern CA. USA

North of San Francisco, lies several small towns that make up Sonoma and Napa Counties. The beauty of this region is one reason California is so sought after. Leave the big cities behind and luxuriate in the rolling hills, endless vineyards, and quaint small towns.
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Los Angeles, CA USA


London, England, U.K.

Where medieval history and modernism meet. From the Tower of London to the Shard you can count the centuries as you move about London with recognizable landmarks, metropolitan energy and quaint neighborhoods, all accessible by its famous Underground.

Bermuda, UK

A British Island in the Atlantic Ocean is the quietesstial resort island
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Maui. Hawaii, USA

Maui, One of the Hawaiin Islands